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Audrey Roderick

Associate Director of Client Services

Audrey comes to Community Initiatives with a strong background in nonprofit management. Her portfolio of nonprofit work includes ten years holding the position of Executive Director for a Bay Area fiscally sponsored project and work with many other organizations focused on the support of their communities and food systems. Her history with nonprofit organizations started when she was 17 and dedication to community-strengthening work has been her focus ever since.

Audrey’s nonprofit work has taken her to Montana and Ohio, before returning her to the Bay Area. Some of the organizations she worked with include farming work with people transitioning through the justice system, the development of food banks, and the production of food with a focus on environmental justice. After having been involved in many levels of nonprofit work, Audrey enjoys the opportunity to funnel her enthusiasm and efforts into the wide diversity of fiscally sponsored projects Community Initiatives supports.

Originally from the South Bay, Audrey spends her time in the East Bay but misses travel and gardening. Her previous work provided her with access to farms that don’t exist in the mostly urban areas of her community, and she particularly misses unwinding while driving a tractor.

High up on Audrey’s wish list are opportunities to travel to Croatia where her family has roots as well as travel in general. When she isn’t working with nonprofit projects, she enjoys baking for herself and her neighbors, and enjoying good food of all kinds.

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