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Established in 1996

In Service to Great Ideas

Community Initiatives is a dedicated fiscal sponsor whose sole purpose is to provide best-in-class infrastructure for nonprofit leaders. We know the right questions to ask to help you develop a sustainable and scalable solution in your community.

Our Community

Join Our Community of Fiscal Sponsorship

At Community Initiatives, we have a broad interpretation of community. Unlike other fiscal sponsors, our projects work on various issues and in diverse geographic areas. They also vary in staff and budget sizes. So, no matter how you define yourselves, be it by identity, geography, or shared experience, you’ll have a home with us. 

Our Projects

Community Initiatives’ portfolio of projects range in size and serve a variety of causes, including social justice, the environment, animal rights, education, youth development, capacity building, health & wellness, philanthropy, the arts, and human services.

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Social Solutions Incubator

El/La Para TransLatinas

El/La Para Translatinas

House of Victory

House of Victory Foundation

The Paul R. Williams Scholarship and Education Fund

The Paul R. Williams Scholarship and Education Fund

Academic Data Science Alliance Logo

Academic Data Science Alliance

Ecosystem Building Leadership Project

Ecosystem Building Leadership Network

Breaking Barriers

Breaking Barriers

San Francisco Dyke March

San Francisco Dyke March

Institute for Transportation Decarbonization

Institute for Transportation Decarbonization

Live Free USA

Live Free USA

About Us

Why Projects Choose Community Initiatives

Our project leaders tell us that they chose fiscal sponsorship with Community Initiatives because it saves them time, resources, and provides them with support from industry experts. 

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