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Our Board

Community Initiatives benefits from the experience and expertise of board members who have invested years in both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors that span financial, philanthropic, and legal fields.

Board of Directors

Learn About Our Board Members

Community Initiatives’ board meets quarterly during the fiscal year with additional off-cycle meetings as necessary to support the organization. Learn more about our current board members by clicking on their bios below.

Board Member
Board Member
Board Member
Board Member
Board Member
Board Member

Former Board Members

Sarah Bacon
Steve Barton
Betsy Block
Evan Boido
Diana Campoamor
Greg Colvin
Denis Chicola
Nik Dehejia
Alison Fong
Janine Guillot
Zoe Hunton
Leslie Hume
John Kreidler
Nancy Kami
Connie Lee
Rick Mariano
Jan Masaoka
Chris McCrum
John Murray
Jenny Pearlman
Frances Phillips
Loren Pogir
Cheryl Polk
William Powers
Ted Russell
Gene Takagi
Shahnaz Taplin-Chinoy
Gladys Thacher
Kenji Treanor
Phillippe Wallace
Robert L. Weiner
Ruth Williams