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Board Member Abbas’ Work in Africa

Community Initiatives’ board member Abbas Moloo recently shared videos from his 2022 trip to Africa for the nonprofit he founded, Help Aid Africa.

In the first video, you’ll meet Muhammad, who at 16 years of age is no longer in school as his family cannot afford to pay the fees, and instead spends time searching for food to feed his family.

The second video shares a musical celebration and appreciation of the support Abbas and Help Aid Africa provide for the people served, which includes recreational trips for the kids, clearing hospital bills, building a house of worship, and improving access to food and other essential supplies.

Watch Abbas talk with Muhammad, the orphan on the beach.

Enjoy the joyous SiMBA, by Dogo Flower, featuring Lady of Mercy Kids, shot on the Island of Mombasa and directed by Moha Ismael.

Thank you for sharing your work with us, Abbas!