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Spring Means…Annual Report Season

Spring is a great time to examine the fruits of the seeds planted the previous year. If our projects are our seeds, our team is working to water and feed them every day. The fruit they bear as a result feeds the community we proudly serve.

In the nonprofit community, many of us use the early spring to finalize annual reports to update our funders, supporters, and partners about the impact we made in the previous year. This year, our annual report proudly highlights the impact we were able to make with select projects in each of our key service areas. Our team is working hard everyday to support projects, but below are a few examples of key activities that have supported specific projects across our network.

Finance: our team worked with Educators for Fair Consideration to streamline reporting so that they could more quickly see how they were using funds to ensure the financial success of their programs.

Project Insurance: We helped San Francisco Dyke March secure insurance for the 50,000-person march.

Fundraising: We assisted Mission Science Workshop in securing an increase in funding from the San Francisco Department of Children, enabling over 6,000 students to explore science and nature. Palomacy Pigeon and Dove Adoption continues to support the care of over 100 foster pigeons with a growing individual donor base facilitated by Community Initiatives.

Human Resources: We provided advice and support to One Day At A Time as they fill key positions. Coaching was provided to the leadership and staff as well.

Meeting Space: Help A Mother Out has used our conference room regularly for Advisory Committee meetings. New Media Mentors has used our conference room to train nonprofits to run winnable campaigns, expand their reach and influence, and transform leaders to maximize their impact.

Strategic Planning: We collaborated with Dalai Lama Fellows as they created a strategic plan to build a network of social innovators working at the intersection of peace, justice, and ecology.

Legal Review and Referral: We supported ResolutionCare in navigating the complex legal challenges associated with a project born out of an independent for-profit. As a result, the project is providing broader access to palliative care in remote areas of California.

Social Media and Communications: In launching our new “Featured Project” section of the website, we began featuring the work of one exceptional project every month. When The Democracy Center launched citizen action activities as a part of the UN Climate Summit in Peru, we coordinated our social media to highlight the work being done.

Philanthropic Services: Evelyn and Walter Haas Jr. Fund partnered with Community Initiatives to improve their communications and messaging work of their grant partners.

The business fiscal sponsorship is a lot like water and fertilizer. We provide some of the most essential supports needed for a healthy project. Our annual report is just a snapshot of the services that we provided to our fiscally sponsored projects this past year. But, when we reflect on our efforts, it is clear that our garden is healthy and thriving.

Did you know that all of these services are available under the umbrella we offer to our fiscally sponsored projects? Contact your project specialist if you need additional water or fertilizer. We may have the right blend for your fruit.

Our full 2014 Annual Report can be downloaded here.