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Community Initiatives’ Response to COVID-19

Thinking of Life After COVID-19 for our Most Vulnerable Neighbors

COVID-19 is a global public health crisis that asks all of us to make changes for the collective good. Community Initiatives is navigating this crisis with the help of other nonprofits, philanthropic and public entities.

As a fiscal sponsor, we bring stability to more than 100 project partners.  For 24 years at Community Initiatives, we have been able to respond to community crises quickly in order to mobilize support to those who need it most.

We do not know when the pandemic will end; however, we do know that communities across the United States will need support as our economic and social fabric has been altered.

Our first community partnership is with the Alameda Public Health Department and Silicon Valley Community Foundation in efforts to protect the health, economic security of vulnerable populations.

COVID-19 Regional Response Fund