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This Summer’s News-Making Fiscally Sponsored Projects

From Covid-19 to journalism to political action, Community Initiatives’ fiscally sponsored project partners have been making the news this summer. Here is a select list of noteworthy news stories and events featuring our projects’ good works. 

Hip-Hop Political Education Summit – 9/22/2020 
Fiscally sponsored project partner Hip-Hop Political Education Summit encourages the civic participation of voting in a call to action for the hip-hop community and beyond. Hip-hop has long been embraced by American society as an artistic form known for catalyzing dialogue and action. Having provided town hall conversations ahead of elections since 2004, the Hip-Hop Political Education Summit is holding a virtual summit for 2020 to open up the necessary conversation on voter suppression. Register online now for their September 22nd event. 

FruitGuys Chris on Good Morning America

The FruitGuys Community Fund – 9/3/2020
Watch Good Morning America’s interview with project partner The FruitGuys Community Fund’s
founder Chris Mittelstaedt and learn how he pivoted The FruitGuys business to help with hunger relief and small farms support.  

Radical Monarchs – July, 2020
Watch “We are the Radical Monarchs” on PBS POV and follow this group of girls as they learn about social issues and earn their Radical Badges for units like Black Lives Matter, Radical Pride, and Radical Beauty. For more information, visit project partner Radical Monarchs.  

They were also featured in Teen Vogue! – 8/13/2020

Latino Outdoors – 7/27/2020
KQED featured project partner Latino Outdoorsfounder José G. González who discussed the changing demographics of people exploring the great outdoors, and the importance of inclusion. 

#Masks4All – 7/18/2020
Data scientist Jeremy Howard and founder of project #Masks4All influenced mask wearing and helped to transform opinions globally on Coronavirus safety.  

The Press Forward – 7/14/2020
Journalists are being harassed online and in some cases physically attacked while covering protests. These disruptions lead to changes in reporting, or people leaving the profession entirely. Read Carolyn McGourty Supple’s Poynter piece about why it’s important for news platforms to safeguard journalists. Supple is Cofounder and Executive Director of partner project The Press Forward

We will continue to update this list so please let us know if your project makes the news! If you would like to learn more about our projects, please visit our projects page or email Stephanie at