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Dani Belisle

Senior Human Resources Manager

Dani brings nearly two decades of expertise as a human resources professional to Community Initiatives, with a decade-long specialization in nonprofit fiscal sponsorship. Her passion for her work stems from the profound fulfillment she derives from supporting a diverse spectrum of individuals dedicated to empowering their communities through the organization’s fiscally sponsored projects.

Close collaboration with her colleagues is something Dani values. Her genuine commitment to people’s success and well-being is evident in her role as a supportive ally, as is her dedication to nurturing relationships with her colleagues to elevate the collective impact of the team.

Growing up just south of San Francisco in Gilroy, CA, Dani maintains a deep-rooted connection to the region. After graduation, she took some time to travel before returning to the Bay Area where she stayed briefly before making the move to Los Angeles. Despite spending more than half her life in Southern California, her heart always gravitates to the north.

As a mother of three children, family time holds great importance, and Dani cherishes creating lasting memories through shared explorations and travels. Her unwavering appreciation for the people she meets is reflected in her many pursuits, which speak to her enthusiasm for the richness of the world.

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